I'd like to invite the descendants of the "Brudenell Pioneers" to
join us in sharing our common Island and Scottish ancestry.

In 1770, over two hundred and twenty-eight years ago, the first MacLaren,
Duncan MacLaren, sailed with his family to the Island on board the "Falmouth"
settling into Greenwich. As the years went by and they passed on, their
sandstone markers either faded or disappeared until their very existence could
be in question. Additional, the Greenwich descendants journey down the research
road has been made that much harder due to the lose for years of a clear and
direct history of their patriarchal figure, Duncan MacLaren, in stark contrast
to the Brudenell's clear descent from James MacLaren.

The events of the late eighteenth-century further hampered efforts, since
events had taken place in such a harsh period of history and Duncan MacLaren,
as far as we knew, had arrived as an indentured servant and was never able to
make a mark on Island history by either purchasing land or serving in office.
This lack of material success may have mattered little to him, for he may have
been a man considered rich in spirit, yet poor in the eyes of others, but it
certainly has made it that much more difficult for his descendants to search
for clues.

Researchers on both sides have failed to connect the two families but most
agree nevertheless, that both are surely connected somewhere in the reaches of
time. By utilizing this information highway, everyone can share "REAL FAMILY
STORIES", with descendants we could never have imagined meeting just a few
years ago. On the "Greenwich Mailing List", we welcome our ancestor's
neighbor's descendants, as well. By inviting both MacLaren's and their
neighbor's, we've come up with unusual details and tidbits that we could not
have learned of otherwise and besides, I get to meet a lot of really nice

Hopefully, any Scottish and Island connections will surface through this
combined effort, in the meantime, here's a toast to James and Duncan, John and
Donald, and to History!

Bob Brown
"bobbynorthlake@cs.com" (listowner)
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