The PEIGS won't say why they won't use the name, the "OLD PROTESTANT CEMETERY" on "THEIR PUBLICATIONS LIST". By this simple action the PEIGS has literally converted all those interred there to the Episcopalian faith.

All us silly Protestant descendants, should get the clear message from their silence, "their" mind is made up, "they" say it is the "Charlottetown, Elm Avenue Cemetery," so just go away and don't bother us!

Excuse me folks, but what of your obligation to uphold historical accuracy?

Bob Brown
The Old Protestant Cemetery Restoration Project

IN%"dhunter@isn.net" "Dave Hunter"

Hi Dave,I feel someone should focus on this 200 year old topic, in hopes of initiating ways to restore the old cemetery back to a presentable state. I've typed a few of the old letters and newspaper articles on the subject and I was wondering if you would have a link to this under the church or cemetery sections, "//people.delphi.com/danite/oldprot.html" as you'll probably agree, it certainly does relate to a historic PEI landmark.

Bob Brown

8-OCT-1998 06:12:14.77
From: IN%"dhunter@isn.net"
To: IN%"DANITE@delphi.com" "Bob Brown"
Subj: RE: Old Protestant Cemetery


I object to the wording of this message! Many, Many, Many times the people of P.E.I. have tried to do something about the shape of this cemetery, and the genealogical society has tried as well, and the Government, and the city of Charlottetown REFUSE to even listen to them. The government here makes a lot of noise about caring for Heritage, but I hate to say it, but really they only care when it benefits business. It all gets bogged down in who is responsible for the cemetery - it seems no one will admit responsibility or jusrisdiction for the cemetery, not the church, not the provincial government, and not the city - especially when restoration is mentioned. Do NOT blame the people of PEI.



ON 8 OCT 98, AT 0:40, BOB BROWN WROTE ON: IN%"PEI-ROOTS-L@rootsweb.com"

Here is a copy attached of a "tourist letter" that appeared in the Guardian, Sept 26,1989. It describes the deplorable appearance of "THE OLD PROTESTANT CEMETERY" in Charlottetown, PEI. It's been in this sad state for over 200 years, isn't it about time that citizens of the Island did something! Read the history of this once beautiful cemetery at "http://people.delphi.com/danite/oldprot.html" and see if you can help in it's restoration.
Bob Brown

To the Editor,

My wife and I spent a charming four weeks on Prince Edward Island travelling from end to end and back again on our genealogy project.

Currently, there is a tremendous effort by many to trace their ancestry on Prince Edward Island. During out stay, we spent three days in the Coles Building, in Charlottetown, researching family names. The staff were skilled and friendly.

Daily, we read the Island Paper, The Guardian, and over the weeks recognized the pride displayed by Islanders, Prince Edward Island is rich in history. In our efforts we walked through numerous cemeteries looking for headstones with family names on them. While visiting a cemetery in Charlottertown, we located the burial sight of Joe Ghiz, former Premier of Prince Edward Island. An interesting controversy surrounds this particular site; I refer to the absence of a headstone. If lack of a headstone for a provincial premier evokes such an emotion should not the same emotion surface when there are a number of notable individuals in a cemetery that is in a serious state of neglect?

This cemetery is located in downtown Charlottetown on University Avenue, at Alley Street. I do not know the name, but conditions we saw there appalled us. The sight of uncut grass, wild underbrush, broken and fallen headstones stacked like rubble, and the unsightly appearance of the commercial buildings on the south border was offensive.

The sad state of this "final resting place" is a stark contrast to other cemeteries and areas we visited. We can only hope there is a written record plot plan somewhere for this graveyard, to aid genealogy research. Headstones are an important source of information and tangible evidence of one's roots. People visiting a cemetey to trace their forefathers take pencil and paper to make notes; those paying their respects take wreaths and flowers, those visiting the aforementioned cemetery need to take a lawn mover and chainsaw!

The restoration work on the Coles Building in Charlottetown is impressive. It is praiseworthy to see funds budgeted for the upkeep to maintain a presentable and pleasing appearance of this historical site in the provincial capital. This may seem trival and even border on the silly side, but I think of the monies spent restoring the school house, Stompin' Tom Corners, attended. Are funds available on a provincial or local level, to restore the previously mentioned historical cemetery? If not, this contradictory situation prompts me to wonder about priorities."

Gary Llewellyn,
Scarbourough, Ont

8-OCT-1998 08:11:46.65

From: IN%"BOUNCNTGGR@aol.com"
To: IN%"danite@delphi.com"
Subj: Old Protestant Cemetary


I just read your interesting rendition of the abuse of a gravesite, it really made me feel sick. To think that people allow this for so long is a sad and demeaning thing. It shows little respect for people that stared the island as a new place for Europeans to live.

Many Native people have been called savages and unintelligent when the lands where first moved into. But hey, at least they respected and acknowledged the importance of heritage and those buried.

The fact that one religion of another is now having ownership of the spot means very little if they were really religious they would have made an effort to help the situation not fight about it. If we are incited to "Love one another" this is a sad example of it for sure. True Christians should be able to work together, if not, then one wonders if they are in fact true Christian. Bible principles at all times are used for setting matters straight if they apply then this problem will go away and all they will get is a beautiful place for the site (which is now unsightly) and a bunch of articles to remember a time when they really could not get themselves working as a team, which will be a painful reminder for the up and coming generations.

It was a real eye opener for sure, I am doing my family tree and a lot of them lived in PEI and I really hope I don't have to go and search for a grave stone under brush and leaves or worse.

Thank you for writing about this, even though the island is still a place of beauty and I have a longing to visit it, this is an eye opener for sure!

Joanne O'Brien

8-OCT-1998 15:56:21.70
From: IN%"conlad@freespace.net" "Connie Ladner"
To: IN%"DANITE@delphi.com" "Bob Brown"
Subj: Old Cemetery

Hi Bob:

Thanks I will check out the site U sent. And I too seen this same Cemetery in 1992-1993. Terrible,Terrible, is all I need to say. I didn't stay long, was even scared I would fall in a Grave.

Connie Ladner(Bird)


"Why should we be in such desperate haste to succeed, and in such desperate enterprises? If a man does not keep pace with his companions, perhaps it is because he hears or steps to a different drummer. Let him step to the music he hears, however measured or far away."----

....Henry David Thoreau

HILL in Ont.-King City area.
BIRD-Haliburton & Coe Hill On.

Smile, it drives the normal folks crazy !--- :o}

8-OCT-1998 20:27:15.38
From: IN%"les_cameron@email.msn.com" "Lester Cameron"
To: IN%"DANITE@delphi.com" "Bob Brown"
Subj: RE: Cemetery Restoration Link

Hi Bob,

I read Dave Hunter's letter and I feel he was absolutely correct in NOT providing a link to the cemetery restoration page. Mr Hunter makes it clear that much effort has been put into attempting to correct the cemetery situation by people on the Island including efforts by the P.E.I Genealogical Society, requests that the people of PEI (and I presume he includes the Genealogical Society) not be blamed for the situation, and I believe his advice should be taken.

Unfortunately, the cemetery web page unfairly, in my opinion, criticizes the Genealogical Society and Mrs. Elizabeth Glen by name. I just visited the cemetery web page for the first time, and I was dismayed to see what I consider disparaging remarks about the Genealogical Society and Mrs. Glen. I can see no useful purpose in attacking a group that has done so much to further genealogy on the Island including the ongoing effort to provide and now update transcripts of all of the Island cemeteries. Countless hours have been spent by many dedicated volunteers to make the transcripts available to us at a reasonable cost and this effort is still ongoing.

I have been a member of the PEI Genealogical Society for a number of years but being off-island, can lay no claim to any of the fine work they have done. However, I can help by being a dues paying member and gratefully purchasing the cemetery transcripts and other publications made available by the Society. Hopefully, I will be able in the future to make a contribution of my time.

Bob, I understand your zeal and desire to see the Old Protestant Cemetery restored and that is to be commended. I'm sure most on the Island as well as those away who are familiar with the situation share your concern. However, I would urge you to consider removing the negative remarks on the Society from your web page and try working with the officers of the Genealogical Society. If an effort is to succeed, it will only be accomplished by groups working together to accomplish the goal.


Les Cameron
Easthampton, MA

-----Original Message-----
From: Bob Brown
Date: Thursday, October 08, 1998 2:42 PM
I asked Dave for a link to his page for the cemetery restoration project, guess he said NO. Don't get mad at him, I just don't think he understands!

From: IN%"CCoffin631@aol.com"
To: IN%"DANITE@delphi.com"
Hello Bob,

I've been following the conversation on the Old Cemetery in Charlottetown and agree that if it is in the shape that you say then it's not acceptable. It would be out of the normal from the cemeteries I've come across on the Island. I think I mentioned earlier this year that I was very pleased to find my g.g.grandfathers' stone restored by someone painstakingly scrapping off 150 years of moss and dirt from the inscription and cutting down a bush that blocked the lettering on his daughters stone, but this is at Midgell and not downtown. I'll look into it by contacting some people I know and get back to you.
Donna Collings address is collings@pei.sympatico.ca

From: IN%"dcmoptima@cyberus.ca" "Rick MacEwen"
To: IN%"DANITE@delphi.com" "Bob Brown"
Subj: Re: cemeteries

I've been quite busy lately at work and have not had much time to devote to genealogy. I have been following the Greenwhich list however and would like to stay on it. I think you'll make some progress by bringing people together.

I think your efforts on the Old Protestant Cemetery Restoration are just fine. I don't know that particular cemetery but have visited many others on PEI and they are generally in good shape. The truly worst one is the Yankee Hill Cemetery near French River PEI. Some sources say Duncan McEwen was buried there. It's a pioneer cemetery and is now completely reclaimed by the forest. Only a few headstones remain, and the inscriptions are virtually illegible. Many of the headstones are lost with some reports that they had been used as stepping stones.
Keep up the good work!

Rick MacEwen
124 Hamilton Avenue North
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada K1Y 1C2
e-mail: dcmoptima@cyberus.ca

From: IN%"CCoffin631@aol.com"
To: IN%"DANITE@delphi.com"
Subj: Re:Greenwich list

Hi Bob, no I'm not bothered by the talk on the Old Protestant Cemetery. I think that Dave is right though about the lack of interest by Canadian governments when it comes to spending money on history. For example, I live near Ottawa, the nations capitol. Our war Museum only displays 10% of their artifacts because of the lack of space. It's been this way since the end of the war. I thought our commitment to those who fell in both wars was"Lest we forget". Apathy is a common trait here in Canada. If there is something to be done, don't count on governments, they'll only show up for the credit. Now on the other hand, there are individual people who care about Canadian history, it is through these people that changes to the cemetery will happen. Perhaps school boards, scout troops and sea cadets could find among their members, enough interest to get a basic clean up started, once this is underway, watch the media and governments jump onboard, it's good publicity for them. I love Canada but apathy is killing our heritage.

In 1838 Sam Slick wrote,"I have often been amazed when travelling among Canadians, to see the curious critters they be. They leave the marketing to their women and the business to their notaries, the care of their souls to their priests, and their bodies to their doctors, and reserve only frolicking, dancing, singing, fidding and gasconading to themselves." Some things never change.


From: IN%"mcewen@nlx.com" "Cameron McEwen"
To: IN%"DANITE@delphi.com" "Bob Brown"
Subj: RE: Mailing list
Hi Bob,

Thanks for yours. I've been away in Canada and then Europe for most of the last two months - thus my silence. But I enjoy the list and would like to stay aboard.

As regards the cemetery, I very much agree with Dave Hunter and Susan that there are special problems involved here which make it different, and much more difficult, than the usual case in PEI. I also note that some of the genealogical society problems stem from an awareness of the sorts of problems you site, not from a lack of awareness of them. Such awarenes of dire need can lead folks with limited skills and training to attempt to right the problems - often enough only making them worse. Decades of well intentioned but often bungled 'help' now lie behind us - it's hard for me to see how appeals for greater attention or effort in this situation can genuinely help.

BTW, I met Donna Colling when I was in PEI in May - she is a wonderful person and very skilled indeed in PEI genealogy.

All best, Cameron

From: IN%"dhunter@isn.net"
To: IN%"DANITE@delphi.com" "Bob Brown"
Subj: RE: "Old Protestant Cemetery Restoration Project" PEI


While I support 100%, your attempt to have this cemetery restored, I cannot support you in your libelous statements against the PEIGS. All this nonsense over a name! The point is no one else has bothered to transcribe the cemetery, and without them, you would have no knowledge of your ancestor.

It seems to me in your personal vendetta against the PEIGS, that you have lost site of you goal, that of getting the cemetery restored. I will continue to link to your main page, but until these statements are removed from the cemetery page, I will not link to it directly under any circumstances, and should the PEIGS decide to take legal action against you, I shall support them.

Think about it, Bob, what really matters is that the cemetery is restored. Put aside your personal feelings about the PEIGS - remember without them, you would not have found the listing at all. It is a 100 percent volunteer organization that is doing the best it can given the fact that there is no government funding whatsoever. This is the REAL problem, that no matter how many tries there have been to restore the cemetery, the government has refused to support any project. This goes not only for the cemetery, but for any worthwhile project without commercial interests involved. Unless you have a building that you wish to restore and operate businesses out of, there is no funding, despite how important the cause is.

Perhaps the name is not the best, and I am sure that at the next meeting the name will be on the agenda, but Liz can't make a change on her own.

Don't get me wrong - I don't blindly support everything the PEIGS does - I have a mind of my own, but I have seen the good they have done, and we all owe a debt of gratitude to them and their volunteers.


On 21 Oct 98, at 1:15, Bob Brown wrote:
I'm trying to raise money and support for the future restoration of "The Old Protestant Cemetery" in Charlottetown, PEI. This historic cemetery is over 230 years old and has been neglected for many years. It's present appearance is deplorable and someone has to do something to begin to bring it back to it's once pristine park appearance, in spite of the excuses. If you would like to help, first read the history at my website "http://people.delphi.com/danite" and then decide what you can do to help.
Thank you,
Bob Brown

From: IN%"stevens@dns.supernet.com.mx" "Kim Stevens"
To: IN%"DANITE@delphi.com" "Bob Brown"
Subj: RE: "Old Protestant Cemetery Restoration Project" PEI


Cemetery restoration is a pretty labor intensive task. You might have better results soliciting for labor contributions (i.e., time) rather than cash, which no one seems to have enough of.


From: IN%"rghughes@mailer.isn.net" "Greg Hughes"
To: IN%"DANITE@delphi.com" "Bob Brown"
Subj: RE: "Old Protestant Cemetery Restoration Project" PEI

I am interested in making a donation to help in restoring the Elm Avenue Cemetery in Charlottetown. I would appreciate an address to which to forward the money.

R.G. (Greg) Hughes
44 Beach Grove Rd, # 1
Charlottetown PE C1E 1Y5

To: IN%"rghughes@mailer.isn.net"

Enter your message below. Press CTRL/Z when complete, or CTRL/C to quit:
Hi Greg,

Thanks for your sincere offer, however I realize now, I was a bit premature in asking for donations. I thought it would be a simple matter to open an account for the OPC Restoration Project. I spoke to a Mr Hartley at the Royal Bank, there in Charlottetown and told him that I didn't want the responsibility for the money in any way, that I had planned on the Bank taking that position. He said that can't be and the best way is to form a group or society, so it's 100% responsible for withdrawing and allocating the funds. This we need to do, so until I can find others willing to form such a group, maybe yourself, I'll have to decline your kind offer. Regardless, I hope you continue to check on my website to see how it's progressing. If you have any suggestions or ideas I'd truly like to hear them.
Thank again,
Bob Brown

#2 22-OCT-1998 07:25:23.38 NEWMAIL
From: IN%"rghughes@mailer.isn.net" "Greg Hughes"
To: IN%"DANITE@delphi.com" "Bob Brown"
Subj: RE: OPC

Thanks for your reply. The problem of the "Elm Ave Cemetery" as we will now call it, was discussed by the Executive of the PEI Gen Soc last night. We will approach the City and St Paul's Church regarding maintenance should we or other groups be able to fix it up. We will also, quite likely, photograph all stones for archival purposes. Perhaps it will be made into a heritage site, meaning that it cannot be buldozed and made into a development of housing or stores or the like, as we will copy our correspondence to Sheila Copps, Minister of Heritage, etc. I feel that it needs to be fenced so that it does not become a roosting ground for the less favoured of our citizens or a passageway for kids who take a kick at the cat whenever they pass through. A couple of years ago, the Mormon church youth group spent some time in the cemetery cleaning up and trying to set things to rights, but with little long-term effects. Please keep in touch by E-Mail, as I seldom surf the net, and stay with us and we my end up working together on this project, especially if you are an Islander!

R.G. (Greg) Hughes
44 Beach Grove Rd, # 1
Charlottetown PE C1E 1Y5

#1 22-OCT-1998 21:24:19.14 NEWMAIL
From: IN%"joslin@isn.net" "joslin"
To: IN%"DANITE@delphi.com"
Subj: Old cementary
Dear Sir:

I am writing because I live on PEI and know the cementary that you speak about. Trying to restore the old Elm Avenue Cementary will never, never work.

First of all anyone involved who might live in Charlottetown would have to study the idea and then they would have to take the matter to the Charlottetown City Council and they would have to study the idea and then they would have to send it to the Cabinet and they would have to study it and then the press would get a lead on the story and blow it all out of proporation and then all the old fogey Charlottetown residents would all have to have their say and in all that time another 20 years would have passed and the cementary would be worse than ever.

I grew up in Charlottetown, not to far from the old cementary. When I was a teenager there was a gang of kids known as the Bayfield Street gang. They were pretty wild and most of us feared them but it became very well known that their clubhouse was built under the old cementary. A number of bodies and old coffins were disturbed because they had tunnels dug all over the place. The cementary is not a very safe place to go into.

In my opinion, they should take all the convicts from Sleepy Hollow and make them clean up the old cementary and put a nice fence around it. Anything would be an improvement. I know it upsets all genealogists to know that the oldest cementary in the city is an overgrown mess and a mismosh of gravestones and crypts.

Write back if you wish. I would be most interested to see if you can generate any interest in this subject.

Your Island Connection,
Barb Joslin

#2 22-OCT-1998 21:04:06.41 NEWMAIL
From: IN%"caroline@isn.net"
To: IN%"DANITE@delphi.com", IN%"PEI-ROOTS-L@rootsweb.com"
Subj: RE: "Old Protestant Cemetery Restoration Project" PEI

I lived right across the street from this cemetary until a month ago. One morning I saw three guys (they looked to be about junior high age) knock over a tombstone, break a bottle against another one, etc... They were gone before anyone could show up though... It really could be a nice cemetary if the work was put into fixing it up. Sorry for the slightly off topic post. :)

#1 25-OCT-1998 12:53:13.56 NEWMAIL
From: IN%"funderha@auracom.com"
To: IN%"DANITE@delphi.com" "Bob Brown"
Subj: Re:
Dear Listmembers,

In an effort to clear up some of the confusion over the name of the pioneer cemetery on University Avenue, referred to Elm Avenue Cemetery, Old Protestant Cemetery, and other names.

This cemetery was formed when the only LEGAL religion was the Church of England, and this was so until about 1817. The first recorded report of a Catholic Priest wearing his vestments in public was in Charlottetown in 1812 for a funeral of a Mr. McPhee, at which the governor of the day was present. All religions are represented in this ground, even a few Roman Catholics that were buried there before they were allowed to form their own church and cemetery.

One of the problems is since Elm Avenue no longer exists, it has been replaced by University Avenue which also includes the former Malpeque Road.

I hope that I have not added to the confusion too much.

Ancestral names: Armstrong, Boyce, Boyd, Brown, Coffin, Collier, Cowan, Craswell, Davidson, Dingwell, Haliday, Heal, Hynes, Johnston, Johnstone, Laurie, M'Donald, M'Ewen, M'Leod, M'Kie, Marshall, Morrow, Mills, Murdoch, Stuart, Smith, Underhay, Withers, and researching; Duke, Fisher, Garrett, and many other Eastern P.E.I. names. Database of 42,000+ names.

For more info on; COFFIN(2), CRASWELL, DINGWELL, FISHER(2), HEAL, JAMIESON, M'EWEN, McKIE, SWALLOW, UNDERHAY, WEBSTER & WITHERS families, check out, THE ISLAND REGISTER http://www.isn.net/~dhunter/index.html

#24 1-NOV-1998 03:24:49.01 NEWMAIL
From: IN%"PEI-ROOTS-L@rootsweb.com"
To: IN%"PEI-ROOTS-D@rootsweb.com"
Subj: PEI-ROOTS-D Digest V98 #194

To whom it may concern:

I am writing in regards to the old cemetary in Charlottetown and the hornet's nest of contriversery it has stirred up. In the past week, two articles have appeared in the Guardian. I don't have permission to quote exactly from either but some interesting facts do appear.

1. The last official burial was in 1872. The article this comes from goes on to say that no provision was made for perpetual care and that responsibilities have been shifted from succeeding generations to various churches that have supposedly done their best with limited funds. It also says that the church, which accepts responsibility for the dead as a Christian duty has an extended duty to ensure that the dead lie in dignity.

2. The same article says that responsibility is a shared one. It also goes on to say that government and the city both should share in the responsibility for the old cementary since it is in the heart of the Cradle of Confederation and they should therefore take heart and show an interest in what could be a hotbed of contriversery for years to come.

3. The article goes on to say that Charlottetown has undertaken major restoration of Great George Street and Province House and as well, has created Confederation Park where our Fathers of Confederation entered PEI to walk into history in the creation of Canada. This is a confirmation of our roots and even visitors can feel the pride of this place.

4. They also state that our cemetaries are also our roots and should be taken care of in order to realize the care and appreciation shown to other historic places.

There was a letter to the editor in Saturday's paper which would interest many. I do not have permission to reprint it and so will highlight what was written.

1. The cemetary was consecrated on October 15, 1826 by the Right Reverend John Inglis, the third Anglican Bishop of Nova Scotia. He had been given episcopal jursidiction in PEI by his Letters Patent from the crown the year before.

2. It is stated that the responsibility for the cemetary is to the Anglican Church, specifically that of the Parish of Charlotte, whose burying ground it is.

3. All other Anglican parishes have their own cemeteries and look after them faithfully except for this one.

4. It also states that after the cemetary was full, approximately 100 years ago, that St. Paul's shifted responsibility for looking after it to a pan-protestant committee, but this does not absolve the church of its obligation.

You would think with all this contriversery that someone would try to do something. Maybe shaming people into taking responsibility is what it will take to get something done. I drove by the cemetary yesterday and it is a positive shambles. You can bet that some rowdy little or big vandals will do more damage tonight and say it is all in the name of Halloween.

Hopefully something will be done before all is lost.

Barb Joslin

To: IN%"dhunter@isn.net"
CC: IN%"PEI-ROOTS-L@rootsweb.com"
Subj: Old Protestant Cemetery

Enter your message below. Press CTRL/Z when complete, or CTRL/C to quit:

Say what you want Dave, but from the beginning my complaint on this public issue has centered on historical accuracy. The Old Protestant Cemetery was referred to as such going back to 1848, at least! It was known and accepted all those years while being maintained by the donations of Protestant churches.

I humbly ask, what gives anyone of this particular generation the right to take away the slightest meaning, or sacredness or significance of one single letter of that name? Anything less than the accepted standard is like throwing history and genealogy out the window by a subtle example to future generations, that if you don't like the history the way it is written, well, all you have to do is go back and change it?

Bob Brown
Old Protestant Cemetery Restoration Project

To: IN%"rghughes@mailer.isn.net"
CC: IN%"PEI-ROOTS-L@rootsweb.com"
Subj: Old Protestant Cemetery

Enter your message below. Press CTRL/Z when complete, or CTRL/C to quit:

Even if they succeed in wiping the Old Protestant Cemetery from the annals of Island history, that will not solve the issue, for it's absence there will stand forever as a glaring contradiction to the accuracy of the Latter Day Saints records.

On other faiths being interred there, well that only invites a provocative question, would other denominations change their cemetery's name, simply because a person of another faith is buried there? I don't think so!

Bob Brown
Old Protestant Cemetery Restoration Project

#1 5-NOV-1998 15:26:59.75 NEWMAIL
From: IN%"BOUNCNTGGR@aol.com"
To: IN%"DANITE@delphi.com"
Subj: RE: Old Protestant Cemetery

My name is Jo,

I have no idea whether family I am researching is buried in this church cemetery or not. I have been following some of the written materials from both "sides" of this discussion. This is just an idea. Not meant to stub toes or hurt feelings. Just an idea. I am not suggesting this as a do it kind of thing.

Would it solve a few problems if at least the current church allowed a plaque stating that this section of the cemetery was formally known as The Old Protestant Cemetary? Understanding both the right to have history accurate and people living on the island and using this church rights. Perhaps if we think of those living and place them first and work around that to give proper respect to our ancestors you can come up with a suitable solution for all those involved.

Thank you for your time, I hope any solutions make all involved satisfied.
Jo O'Brien

From: IN%"PEI-ROOTS-L@rootsweb.com Friday, November 13, 1998 at 15:50:40 (AST)

George Bulpitt <[12]gbulpitt@ball.com>
Aurora, CO USA

Looking for data on Rev. James Bulpitt (1800?), particularily how he arrived on PEI. Any data appreciated.

From: IN%"danite@delphi.com

Hi George,

The Methodist minister, Rev James Bullpitt and his wife Hannah are buried in the Old Protestant Cemetery, the cemetery name has been presented as the Elm Ave Cemetery, Anglican by the PEIGS since 1983.

I'm wondering if that made it difficult to find your Protestant ancestor or if you have any feelings on the cemetery name issue?

Please read my OPC Cemetery page and check with LaVerne also, she has the following on the Register.

LaVerne Chappell - rlchap@telusplanet.net

1807 Rev. James Bulpitt
Methodist Report: Outlines on the History of Methodism in Charlottetown, P.E.I.
Outlines of the History of Methodism in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island-- 1888

Mrs. Hannah Butterfield Bulpitt, wife of the Rev. James Bulpitt, opened a private school in her own house in the year 1807. This was the first school on the Island taught by a lady. Mrs. Bulpitt was assisted in the school at various times by Mr. James Cambridge, by her son, Mr. James Chancey Bulpitt, and by her granddaughter, Miss Hannah Bulpitt. Mrs. Bulpitt continued to conduct the school most successfully until her death in 1842.

Miss Bulpitt then succeeded to the charge, but the school was closed in 1844, on Miss Bulpitt's marriage to Mr. Edward Roberson.
Bob Brown
Simi Valley
"Old Protestant Cemetery Restoration"

#1 16-NOV-1998 19:35:40.66 NEWMAIL
From: IN%"gbulpitt@ball.com" "Bulpitt, George"
To: IN%"DANITE@delphi.com" "'Bob Brown'"
Subj: RE:


Thank you so very much for the detail on Rev. James Bulpitt. I never realized I would get 3 excellent responses in less than 3 days. If all goes well next summer, I may very well get a chance to visit the grave in person.

I checked the cemetery listing on the Island homepage but apparently overlooked it. I did not make the Anglican connection.

I read LaVerne Chappell's section as well and found it most informative. The kindness extended to me by PEIGS will always be remembered.

George Bulpitt

To:IN%"dhunter@isn.net", IN%"wglen@auracom.com"
Response Message 17336 Stored

Our Island forefathers had good reason to name it the Old Protestant Cemetery, just for starters, it appears as if the entire Methodist Church congregation is interred there!! Many were Wesleyan Ministers and includes Benjamin Chappell, the first Methodist Exhorter/Preacher who was credited with establishing Methodism on the Island.

This close knit congregation grew into the Methodist faith, not the other way around! They freely chose Methodism, their faith shouldn't doom them to have to remain forever associated with a delapitated cemetery or their names held captive by another religion simply because it flew in the face of the legal or official church of the day. If that were so, this whole story would sound like some Hollywood version of eternal revenge against these poor souls.

There is rich genealogical history here, yet in reference to the cemetery's denomination, the word "protestant" isn't even used as a footnote. Until both this denomination and name issues are addressed by *public* discussion, these same issues, that have caused failure of successful restorations in the past, will continue to be the reason in the future.

Those of us with personal and genealogical interest in the historical accuracy of the cemetery should continue to share it's past in a supporting and open manner for the benefit of future generations.

Bob Brown
"Old Protestant Cemetery Restoration Project"

*** "UPDATE" ***

January, 1999

Apparently "all this nonsense over a name" meant something to a large part of the population on P.E.I. Shortly after my last message, it was debated and a large concensus of citizens agreed, thereon, it's been announced from here on the legal and official name for the old cemetery will be "The Old Protestant Burying Ground". Now that it is finally settled I feel in my heart a certain peace impossible to explain, I thank you all.

Bob Brown

Date: Tue, 15 Jun 1999 06:48:41 +0000
From: Barb Joslin
Subject: Old Protesant Burying Grounds
To: PEI-ROOTS-L@rootsweb.com

Hi Everyone:

I wanted to let everyone who expressed concern about the old cemetary in Charlottetown know that the cemetary has been given a new lease on its historic life. People have been working in there in the past two weeks and it already looks a hundred times better. I saw a fellow resetting the headstones yesterday and it really made my heart sing. They have erected a sign that is titled "The Old Protesant (not sure of spelling) Burying Grounds. Now hopefully all will be happy with that. Maybe a fence will be put up and then history can be kept in and vandals can be kept out. I do have a personal stake in this. I recently found out that some of my Crosby ancestors are buried in this cemetary. Maybe we could convince the PEI Genealogy Society to publish their list of people who are buried there.

Barb Joslin
New Dominion, PEI


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