Scottish history is filled with strife and hardship, one reason Scotsmen always took a stand against injustice wherever it might be found. These are my own personal "Fire and Swords".

We aren't burned out of our homes nor physically cut down by enemies for not agreeing with king or clan; instead it's done today by special interest groups, backed by all powerful political, religious groups and willingly administered through our courts and school administrations. We expect reasonable people won't react with violence in retaliation for wrongs, but nevertheless it is sad to see our apathy and unwillingness to stand against injustices. While our country fades away many sheepishly accept the leadership of evil men and silly women who's intent is to bequile, manipulate and subjugate us and our children's lives.

They thrive in greed, unequal standards and bribery, while most of the population have no choice than to work day to day just to make ends meet, ignorant and unsavy enough to recognize we're being manipulated from cradle to grave. In trying to be good citizens we join in allegiance to two politically charged agendas that hold the power of life and death to call up war or tax us into oblivion, while congressmen conspire with other powers who's true agendas are to take away our constitutional protections and rights and in so doing spend billions to have our children be taught to lose faith in both family and God.

They feel they are the chosen, pompously looking down their noses at us; they are the shepherds, knowing the best for us poor sheep. Their comfortable and secure in their belief we're easily deceived by bread and circuse acts, innoculous to the fact their selfish agenda's will bring the wrath of God upon all our heads.

"Death of the West" by Patrick J. Buchanan

"Stand Up Strong For Your Children!"

Are you facing tough questions about your child's education or homeschooling, as I once did in 85? Have you ever wondered why so many children graduating today couldn't pass the requirements of a turn of the century one-room schoolhouse, yet millions upon millions of dollars are continually spent on school budgets each year.

Teachers and counselors, some with only three-day workshop skills, are free to experiment with your child's mind and future. Much scarier is the realization that administrator's of the public education establishment must realize why kids are killing people, although they won't admit it, it's been a part of an experiment to play God with situational ethics in the classroom for years!

These murders continue; not once have I heard the pseudo experts or TV hosts, even our Presidents, raise the slightest question about psychological programs that deal with topics of death and suicide with third graders for years now. Counselors and teachers create scenario's that boils over into bloodshed but no one suspects that it's what is being taught in the classroom. So-called pseudo professional grief counselors are sent in to the scene, not to reduce the grief as most of us would think, but to reduce the chance of these programs being exposed, then to warn the parents and surviving children to be careful what they say to the media. This carry over was clear recently when the young survivor from Columbine named Hall let it slip that certain things shouldn't be mentioned, obviuosly remembering what he was told. In Florida, children finally complained about a program taught for years called assasination, imagine, some of the kids even strangely commented it was a tradition taught in their school!

I've personal knowledge of repercussions people suffer from going up against the system, yet if I had to do over I'd do it again, all for my children sakes. In spite of the bad memories it conjures up, it still has to be discussed in order to uncover clue's to these horror stories that keep happening all over our country. Unfortunately, communities react by pouring more and more money into school depts, schools are made into virtual prisons where our children's minds are free to be controlled, we gladly give up more and more of our liberties, and they persuade us it's all in the name of safety. It's clearly time to ask serious questions like, why are these psyshcological programs so infused into the system, expose who is behind them, and then demand they be banned from schools forever and new systems based solely on basics be installed. How many more children will die before the country stops this madness?

On this subject the "EagleForum" is imperative reading!

The "IRS" is front page again!

Why don't we rid ourselves of this agency and enact a flat income tax or national sales tax to erase the deficit. This would stop the endless stories that are never heard, of harrassement that ruin people's lives. The flat tax would curb large corporations, church exempt business and millionaires from not paying a single cent in tax! Why should the average person alone support the government?

Right Way Law


Equifax, TRW and other government sanctioned credit reporting agencies deliberately sabotage your credit history, yet they're not held accountable! Believe it or not, in this age when your credit line is your life line, few people can imagine the possibility of being singled out and destroyed by these institutions, yet as paranoid as it sounds, it happens frequently.

This law firm represents Mr. and Mrs. Brown, who
were recently refused mortgage re-financing by several lenders
on account of the credit report received from Equifax.

The contents of the report, a copy of which is enclosed, contain
a series of grossly incorrect, highly damaging and financially
defamatory statements.

In fact, the proportion and types of inaccuracies suggest not
only a systematic and intentional sabotage of their credit rating,
but the fact that these could be inserted, maintained by Equifax
and then transmitted, is a glaring negligence on the part of Equifax
in the process by which this information is taken and preserved.

Banks boast of their services with advertising logo's, "Your credit line is your life line"; yet if your bank receives a false derogatory credit report nothing can be done, regardless of what they say, their minds are already made up, that's the standard reply! I spent money on lawyers when I really needed every penny but all I got from attorneys was a promise they'd report the sabotage to state officials and perhaps set a meeting with other victims in front of Congress. That never happened and it would have been to late in our case anyway, we lost our home and years of sweat and equity plus hopes for our future security; all because of Equifax's deliberate sabotaging of our credit.

I can remember reading that in the 50's, when the idea of central reporting began, there were fears this very sort of thing could happen, some representatives then were strongly opposed to the idea of central reporting, yet today whatever reporting agencies say is accepted as grail; so many end up losing everything they've worked years for. The truth is nobody really cares, and in my case, that's only half of the story, when we were given the chance to recover with a well-intentioned gift, well..that's another whole story!!

Canadian Immigration Rules!

Once a Canadian, always a Canadian, or perhaps that should read, "except in the eyes of Canadian Immigration Official's." Nice folks, you know, but I respectfully disagree with the birthright issue.

As a minor child I was taken out of Canada by one parent who sought a divorce in the States. I had to stand and swear an allegiance, which sounds pretty dam silly now when I think of it, I didn't have much of a chose in the matter, did I?

Immigration rules have changed though, you would not loose your citizenship now, but if your sole parent, whether deemed rightly or wrongly your guardian by the US Court system, brought you out of Canada in the 50's, remarried a U.S. citizen and filed for citizenship, then the child lost Canadian Citizenship forever, period. I feel as though I should have been given a chose when I came of legal age, what do you think?

Here's some interesting things I've picked up!

"Canada becomes the first Commonwealth country to gain its own citizenship act when the Canadian Citizenship Act takes effect on January 1, 1947. Prior to that, Canadians were considered British subjects residing in Canada, not Canadian citizens. Prime Minister Mackenzie King had the honour of receiving the first citizenship certificate."

Since I was born in 1944, this may raise an interesting question, could I still be a British subject?

Can you believe this? Before the attacks of September 11, 2001, Canada did not reguire immigrants from Somalia and Afghanistan to have to produce paperwork or identification to receive Canadian citizenship! The following paper was written on Clinton's and Gore's watch!

Impact on Canada of Corrupt Foreign Officials in Other Countries

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