A MacLaine Clan member found my website by chance. Later, according to the Lochbuie Chief, Lorne MacLaine of South Africa, it appears we are direct cousins and although not officially recognized by the Lord Lyon, in a fun way sort of way, I will be referred to in the clan as "THE MACLAINE OF KILMORY" or at least until proven otherwise. I'm sure there will be more on this in the future!

Our detailed pedigree, dated 18th February 1972, was compiled from the diagrammatic lineage of the family of MACLAINE'S in Prince Edward Island, Canada and prepared by Mr. Rankin MacLaine of the Island. I'm sure you'll find the following history and pedigree interesting and very informative.


Had sasine of these lands from his father, 8 June 1659. Born c.1618. Married Julia, daughter of Lachlin MacLean, 1st of Torloiak (2nd son of Sir Lachlan MacLean of Duart). He was 3rd son of Hector MacLaine, 9th of Lochbuie, and younger brother of Murdoch,10th of Lochbuie and Lachlan, 11th of Lochbuie. He died after 1660 and left issue;
1. LACHLAN MACLAINE, of whom presently.
2. HECTOR MACLAINE, succeeded his brother.


Born c.1650. Gave his bond to Colin Campbell, younger of Braeglenmore for 41 merks and delivery of cattle, 15 January 1712, and registered 16 September 1713. Died unmarried 17__, and was succeeded by his brother Hector MacLaine, of whom next.


Born c.1655. Married, c.1690, Margaret, daughter of Allan MacLean of Gruline, Mull (cadet of MacLean of Drimnin) by his wife Una, daughter of Donald Macquarie of Ulva, and he died 17__, having had issue;
1. ALLAN MACLAINE, of whom presently.
2. LACHLAN MACLAINE. Tacksman of Garmony, Mull. Fought as a Jacobite officer in 1745 Rising. On September 1746, Donald Campbell of Airds reported that he was with Cameron of Lochial [N.L.S., Campbell MSS.3736, No.483]. Married Elizabeth (who married 2ndly, Dr. James Park, of Edinburgh formerly of Jamaica) daughter of Donald MacLean, 5th of Torloisk, and he died after 1756 leaving issue;
(1) HECTOR MACLAINE (Dr.) Born c.1754. Qualified as a Surgeon, 17__, and went to Jamaica. Still there 1783, but on the point of returning to Scotland.
(2) DONALD MACLAINE (Dr.) Born 1756. Qualified as a Surgeon, 17__, and in practice in Mull. Had Tack of Callachally, Mull, for 19 years from 1795, and in possession in July, 1804 when he was bought out by Major-General Lachlan Macquarie of Jarvisfield, "The Father of Australia". Died at Pennygown, 5 February 1834 aged 77 years [M.I. in Pennygown burial yard]. Married Mary, b. 6 Feb. 1774, bp. Lismore, 9 Feb. 1774, eldest daughter of Rev. Donald Macnicol, Minister of Lismore, by his wife Lilias, daughter of Alexander Campbell of Auchlian, Glenorchy, and had issue;
(1a) Alexander MacLaine (Capt.) Born 1791. Commissioned Ensign, 75th Foot, 1 March 1806; Lieut. 19 August 1807; Captain, 7 April 1825. Lived in Glasgow 1825-28. Tenant at Pennyalbanach, near Tobermory, living with his mother, 1828. Died unmarried 18__.
(2a) Ann MacLaine. Born 3 August 1792. Married Colin Campbell (emigrated to Australia), son of Alexander Campbell, 4th Tacksman of Lerags.
3. HUGH MACLAINE. Fought as a Jacobite officer in 1745 Rising. Married Ann, widow of John Maclean, Tacksman of Grishipol, Coll, and daughter of Rev. John Maclean, Minister of Kilninian & Kilmore (ygr. brother of Donald Maclean, 5th of Torlois and he died 17__, having had issue;
(1) JOHN MACLAINE, Born c.1740. Became a farmer at Three-toun-lands, near Mallabrake, Co. Armagh, Ulster. Married, ______, daughter of William Simpson, and he died ____, having had with at least two ygr. sons, an heir;
(1a) William Simpson MacLaine (Rev.) Born c.1780. Educated; Univ. of Glasgow (adm. 1800). I.P Minister of Creggan, 1809-32. Died Dec. 1835.
(2) FARQUHAR MACLAIN. Born c.1742. Married, 5 July 1771, Elizabeth, daughter of Lachlan Macquarrie of Ormaig by his wife Margaret, sister of Lt. Colonel Murdoch MacLaine, 19th of Lochbuie; and he died in 1822 leaving issue;
(1a) Murdoch MacLaine (Major). Born ___17__. Commnd. The Black Watch.
(2a) Hugh MacLaine (later Murdoch Hugh MacLaine) (Lt. Col.). Commisioned (through the patronage of his uncle Major General Lachlan Macquarie) as Ensign in 77th Regt, 1799; Lieut. 1800; Captain 1803; severely wounded at Cuidad Rodrigo, 1812; Major 1813; Brevet Lt. Colonel 1822; Lt. Colonel, 3 January 1827. He is said to have written a history of the Maclaines of Lochbuie and Kilmory, which was in the Charter Room of Lochbuie House, but has since been lost. Died in 1828 (G.M. Vol.98, Part 2 (1828), page 648; and PPR/Admon./Liverpool Calendar/Parts/ April 1829).
(3a) Hector MacLaine (Capt.) Born _____17__. Commd. The Black Watch.
(4a) _____ MacLaine, a daughter. Married ______, and was the grandmother of Dr. Macpherson, Bonar Bridge, and Rev. J. Macpherson, F.C. Minister of Findhorn.
(3) DONALD MACLAINE. Born 1744. Tacksman of Balmeanach, Mull. Married Ellen (died 4 February 1821, buried Pennygown), daughter of ______; and he died 20 November 1804, aged 60 (buried Pennygown), having had issue;
(1a) John MacLaine (Dr.) Born 1781. Qualified as a Surgeon, 1802. Commnd. Asst. Surgeon, 1803; transferred to 84th Foot as Asst. Surgeon, 6 Dec. 1806; transferred as Asst. Surgeon to 60th Foot, 8 February 1821, and retired 15 April 1825, having seen active service at Walcheren and in India. Tacksman of Ardow (or Ardhu), Mull, which he leased to Dr. Lachlan MacLean of Rum, who bought it in 1825, and sold to his father Charles MacLean, of Gallanach, Coll. Proprietor of the estate of Killundine, Morvern, which he bought from his father-in-law in 1821, and was sold by his widow to Lt. Col. Charles Cheape in 1850. Married, 9 November 1820 (at Auchnacraig, Mull) Christian (died ___18__, daughter of Donald Campbell, of Killundine; and he died ______18___, having had issue;
(1b) Jane MacLaine. Born 18 Feb. 1822.
(2b) Flora MacLaine. Born 24 March 1823.
(3b) Hugh MacLaine. Born 15 March 1824.
(4b) John MacLaine. Born 1 Oct. 1827. Probably the same person as Dr. John Douglas MacLaine, L.F.P.S.G. (1849), who in 1852 (Med. Directory) lived at 8 Lorn Place, Partick Rd. Anderston, Glasgow.
(5b) Alexander MacLaine (Dr.) Born ________18__. Educated: Univ. of Glasgow (Adm. 1851, Student of Medicine, 1852-56).
4. CATHERINE MACLAINE. Born c.1697. Married John MacLean, Tacksman of Killean in Mull, and had issue, including Hector MacLean of Killean.


Born c.1695. Married, ante 1725, Elizabeth, 2nd daughter of Murdoch MacLaine, 13th of Lochbuie. From 1725 there are numerous references to him in the Register of Sasines. On 27 April 1730, at Ardmaddy, he borroed 3000 merks from Archibald Campbell of Shirvan, secured on his lands of Kilmory, which bond was registered 15 September 1747. Imprisoned, 13 October 1758 with his nephew Hector MacLean of Killean in Moy Castle by John MacLaine, 17th of Lochbuie (for which the latter was fined and reproved); and he died c.1759 in "the low Countries" (probably Holland), having has issue;
1. MURDOCH MACLAINE, of whom presently.
2. ALEXANDER MACLAINE. Born c.1728. Sasine in his name, 16 February 1767.
3. ANNA MACLAINE (only daughter). Born c.1730. Married (contract 1763) James Spalding of Bonnymilne (died May 1766), Surveyor-General of the Manufactories in Scotland; and she died _____.


Born c.1725. Tacksman of Garmorvern and other lands, from John MacLaine 17th of Lochbuie, 25 June 1752. Settlement by arbitration of his marches at Melbay with those of Duke of Argyll, 11 July 1764. Gave his bond (with Donald Campbell of Airds) to Duncan Maclachlan of Kilbride for #600 sterling, secured on his lands of Kilmory in Scarba, 11 October 1760; discharged by John Gillies of Duchra, 6 September 1768. Gave his bond to Captain Archibald Campbell, Chamberlain of Nether Lorne, trustee for the children of Colin Campbell of Carwhin, for #51 sterling, 10 July 1773. Alloted a tack of his lands of Kilmory (valuation 2 merk lands) for 25 years from 14 November 1778 to 13 November 1803, to Mary Campbell, widow of John Campbell (uncle of Campbell of Craignish). Either he or his son Francis killed Captain Shaw, husband of Janet MacLean, daughter of Alexander MacLean of Shuna, in a duel, probably in Edinburgh. With his eldest son Francis he is listed in the entail drawn up by Archibald MacLaine, 18th of Lochbuie, 31 May 1776, registered 18 January 1785 as 6th in line to the succession to the Lochbuie estate and chiefship. Married ________, daughter of _________, and he died ____, having had issue;
1. FRANCIS MACLAINE, of whom presently.
2. ALLAN MACLAINE. Born c.1748. Commissioned Ensign, The Black Watch, 23 August 1777. Later Lieut. 1st Battn. Royal Regt. of Foot. Died unmarried, will dated 16 May 1795, in favor of his father.
3. ALEXANDER MACLAINE, Ancestor of the family of MacLaine, formerly of Killyleagh, father of, among others, DONALD MACLAINE (1787-1843) of Crapaud, Nine Mile Creek, Prince Edward Island. (see MacLaine's of Rocky Point, below.....)


Born c.1746. A volunteer in the army, waiting for news of a commission, 11 July 1779 [Letter from his father to Dr. Alexander MacLean of Pennycross, of that date, from Edinburgh]. No further particulars. If he has male descendants, the senior heir male would be the Representative of the MacLaines of Kilmory [and this must be checked in Register of Sasines]. If he had no heirs-male then the representation of this family devolved on the nearest cadet, who is the heir male of Alexander MacLaine, his brother; see the pedigree of MacLaine, formerly of Killyleagh.
This pedigree is dated 6th July 1971.

Dr. James N.M. MacLean
21 Drummond Place
Edinburgh, EH3.6PN

This first rough draft pedigree of the family of MacLaine in PEI is dated 18th February 1972, and has been compiled from the diagrammatic lineage prepared by Mr. Rankin MacLaine, and sent by him to me on 31st January 1972.
Dr. James N.M. MacLean

"The MacLaine's of Rocky Point, PEI"

I found my immediate family's line of descent while researching in1986, I have to admit it's a rather unusual way to show a line of ancestry, however the original reporter commenced with;
DONALD MACLAINE...(1787-1843)
The Common Descent of Donald MacLaine of Nine Mile Creek, Chief Justice Peter Stewart and John McGregor of Black River. The descent of Sir Duncan Campbell of Glenorchy, 1st Bart.(c.1551-1631), known as "Black Duncan of the Cowl" who married on Nov 18, 1573, Jean, daughter of John Stewart, 4th Earl of Atholl, Lord High Chancellor of Scotland.

Their daughter, Jean, married Sir John Campbell of Cawdor, 1601 and their youngest son, Colin Campbell, married Margaret Brodie of Brodie.

Their son, Sir Hugh Campbell of Cawdor, married 1662, Henrietta, daughter of James, 4th Earl of Moray, who was descended from King James V.

Their daughter, Anna Campbell, married Murdoch McLaine of Lochbuie, who died in 1727. One of Murdoch's three daughters, Elizabeth, married Allan McLaine, the 4th of Kilmory.

Their son Murdoch, 5th of Kilmory had issue, Alexander, the 3rd son, fomerly of Killyleagh, who is the father of, among others, DONALD MACLAINE (1787-1843) of Nine Mile Creek and Crapaud, Prince Edward Island, who married Helen McLaine.

Donald's second son, Archibald MacLaine of Rocky Point, became the senior cadet line of the PEI MacLaines, my mother Violet, is the surviving grandchild of Archibald MacLaine!

Robert Finbar Brown
21 March 1999

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