"The Mountie"

In the Spring, minds turn to things they probably had not thought of for awhile; Well, one early Spring morning down in Northlake, my uncles Chester and Roy were cutting firewood out behide the old home when suddenly they saw the mounties pull into the yard. This would normally not be anything to worry about except for one thing, you see the night before the boys had made some homemade beer and stored it down in the potato cellar.

Well, imagine what went through the boys minds when they saw that big old black car with the big red logo and spotlights, it was enough to scare them so much they ran like the devil to the potato cellar and hurriedly poured out their whole new keg of the "water of life" to avoid certain detection and most certainly some jail time. Seconds must have felt like minutes to them, but by the time the last drop was dripping to the floor, the mounties were knocking on the door.

Chester, the oldest brother took his rank and stepped out courageously to the backporch expecting the worse, for surely he thought someone ratted on them. Well, this was it for certain, for on the other side of the old screendoor stood this uniformed officer in big black boots, but to Chester's complete surprise, he spoke in an unexpected friendly tone, "Hi Chester, lovely day, aye! We were just wondering, would you mind if we tried some fishing down in your pond?"

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