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Wecome to the "MACLAREN'S STRAYS LIST", where we'll try to place
our missing ancestors in their proper place on our family tree. It is also
where we list those with missing burials sites and without "moms and dads". Our
neighbors descendants also experience the same problems, therefore I've set up
our "NEIGHBORS STRAYS LIST". Regardless of your
surname, please feel free to send in your missing ancestor. If we pull together
and keep an eye for these "missing folks" who knows, sooner or later maybe
we'll find them. Don't hesitate to yell if I inadvertently forget to add a name
or make a mistake!

Bob Brown
Hello Bob,
I've worked up a strays list of MacLarens that don't seem to fit into a family tree. Perhaps some people in the group will know something more about them and be able to tell us whether or not they even belong on such a list. It also is my hope this list is just a starting point for other people to give their additions. This list comes from a variety of sources and is not for the most part the result of original research work, by yours truly. I've included some extra remarks for discussion among the Mailing List folks.
Susan Stewart
sailed on "Falmouth" 1770, daughter Jean married a MacEwen. Nothing is know of them after 1775. All burial sites are unknown.
2. WILLIAM MACLAREN SR (c.?-1864/65)
My gg-grandfather. This is the biggest mystery, who were his parents, what was his wife's name and where are they buried?
UPDATE! Carol MacKenzie says in her book, "Mac Book" that William Sr.'s wife's name is Jane (Jennie) Mackenzie born in 1788. It was found on the death certificate of the son, Alexander, who was a Baptist minister in Wisconsin. This would be an exciting and wonderful piece of historical fact, ifin fact it is true!
buried at People's Cemetery, no dates given, it could beassumed that the initial "W" stands for "William."
4. WILLIAM MACLAREN (l817-l904)
He is different than William MacLaren Jr, born circa l820 and died in l90l, who married Mary MacEwen. Perhaps this William, is the son ofDavid and Elizabeth (Patience/Peyton) MacLaren.
5. JOHN MACLAREN (c.1776-1848)
born circa l776, died 12 May l848 at the age of 72. Buried inthe Old Protestant Cemetery with:
Catherine (?)
his wife, born circa l770, died l839, at the age of 69.
Son John
died l834, age 8, born circa 1826. There is discrepancy regarding this John. He can't be the son of John and Catherine since Catherine would have been56-years-old when this little boy John was born in l826.
died l858, age 40, born circa l8l8. On LDS records, tombstone no longer canbe found.
Wife Elizabeth
died l862, age 34, born circa l828. On LDS records, tombstone no longer canbe found.
Charles and Elizabeth also can't be the parents of the 8-year-old John who was born circa l826 since Charles would have been just 8-years-old himself in l826 and his wife Elizabeth just two-years-old.
married 27/28 Feb.l829 Katherine/Catherine Davis.
This record is on file on PEI and was given to us by our cousin Anne Jewett of Maine; from the Franklin Staney MacLaren line. Unfortunately, Anne is not on line but she and her sister have done much research over the years on PEI. This John who marrie d Katherine/Catherine Davis is of a later generation than the John mentioned in No.5. He likely was born in the early l800s. The interest in him is that Bob's g-grandfather, John MacLaren, son of William Sr, had as his eldest son, DAVIS MacLaren, born in l847. Davis is the son of Charlotte Morrow, m. John MacLaren, Feb 26, 1846.
married Elizabeth Patience. Only one child known, daughter Elizabeth, baptized in l8ll. Related to Jean (MacLaren) MacEwen.
NOTE: At this point, it is difficult to say whether the little Elizabeth of l8ll was the first child or not. Equally difficult to say whether this was the only child born to David and Elizabeth (Patience) MacLaren. Suspect they had others and this is where some of the later MacLaren strays fit. If we had a birth year for wife Elizabeth Patience, we would have a better handle on the birth year of David. BTW, I've noticed on various E-mails thatthe surname of Patience may also mean Peyton. Could someone clear this up forme?
buried at People's Cemetery, no dates given.
9. DUNCAN MACLAREN of Blantyre
who married Katherine MacEwen. From the "Courtship" article Bobhas posted on the web, it appears that this Duncan does not have a living father at the time of his marriage. Otherwise the "singular character" Norman Bain would not be selecting suitable prospective brides nor negotiating thedowry.
died l4 Jan. l9l5, age 9l, born circa l824. Buried at People'sCemetery with:
Ann McKay, wife
died ll Jan. l9l4, at age of 87, born circa l827.
Mary MacKay
died 20 Sept. l898, at age of 7l, born circa l827.
NOTE: The birth years of Ann and Mary are identical--l827. Either they are twins or Mary is a spouse of perhaps a brother of Ann's.
John McKay
died 26 April l853, at age of 63, born circa l790.
wife Susanna
died ll June l88l, at age of 73, born circa l808. It is obvious that John and Susanna (?) McKay are the parents of the Ann McKay who married Robert D.McLaren.
NOTE: There may be some significance in the name of Robert D. McLaren/MacLaren as far as a clue in linking some of these strays together. Bob's grandfather Robert Douglas MacLaren (1853-1939), was the son of John MacLaren (1816-1888) and Charlotte Morrow (2nd wife). Robert Douglas's first wife was Dirinda Hayden, who is buried in Midgell Cemetery. His second wife, Mariah MacLaine, was Bob's grandmother. They are buried at Kingsboro Baptist Cemetery and it is obvious they are a later generation than the Robert D.buried in People's Cemetery.
bachelor, died l2 Jan. l882 at the age of 77 in the Poor House.Born circa l805. This record comes from our cousin Anne Jewett and is on fileon PEI.
married 23 Aug. l859 Hannah Coffin. Another record from ourcousin. Perhaps Ross Coffin can tell us more about this couple.
NOTE:In the meantime, it would seem possible that perhaps thisAlexander MacLaren is William MacLaren Sr.'s son Alexander. We know nothing more of this son except his appearance in the estate settlement of hisfather.
age 58 in l88l census, born circa l823. Presbyterian/farmer.Father: Scot. Mother: Irish.
Wife Margaret (?)
age 58, born circa l823, origin Irish. Children in household included:James, l7; Harriett, 23; Amelia, 21; Albert, l5.
age 45 in l88l census, born circa l836 on PEI,Baptist/shipwright and farmer. This could be a Brudenell MacLaren family for all I know. Only another look at the l88l census microfilm would tell us oneway or another.
NOTE: Peter is of interest for a couple of reasons. The first reason is that Duncan's son by Charlotte Webster also was named Peter. The second reason is the discussion by Ross Coffin concerning the shipbuilding that he sees as very possible for the MacLaren's to have participated in. Living inthis household with Peter were these other McLarens:
age 63, born circa l8l8, in Scotland. Apparently Peter's mother.
age 41, born circa l840, New Brunswick. This could be the wife of Peter.
age 3l, born circa l850, PEI.
Ian L.
age 28, born circa l853, New Brunswick.
Mary A.
age 25, born circa l856, PEI.
Edward W.
age 24, born circa l855, PEI.
age 21, born circa l860, PEI.
age 43, born circa l838, New Brunswick. A Ship Captain.
age 38, born circa l843, PEI.
I think everyone would agree this is a very unusual household andthe reference to some births in New Brunswick is thought-provoking. I missed another family from the l88l census enumerated in the household of PeterMcLaren:
15. Duncan McLaren
age 36, born circa l845, Presbyterian, parents origin, Scots,Ship Carpenter.
age 29, born circa l852, Irish origin.
age 6, born circa l875. Duncan and Emily are probably husband and wife andRobert is their son.
I, therefore, assume that Peter, William and Duncan all arebrothers with their mother being Ellen (?). It also is significant that all three are involved with a sea occupation: Peter being a shipwright, William being a sea captain and Duncan being a ship carpenter. I can't help but wonder if this William McLaren is not the one who had the barque "Willie McLaren" in l874 that Ross Coffin referenced in his E-mail.

parentage unknown, no dates, married Angus MCLURE Jr, ofCavendish at Brackley Point
married William Beairsto April 29 1804, in West River, PEI, where Mary was born at least twenty years earlier. Mary's name is not found inthe Brudenell records.
Carol MacKenzie of Charlottetown, found an article on a laterJohn MacLaren who may also be the author. It also creates a further question as to whom is the Duncan and Jean (Irvin) mentioned as his parents? In a short paragraph from the "Past and Present of Prince Edward Island," itreads;
"John A. McLaren, an enterprizing and well known business man of Charlottetown, was born at Doune, Perthshire, Scotland, in September, 1864, and is descended from the McLarens of Balquihidder, Scotland, who were masons generally by trade and through several generations were contractors andbuilders.
The subject's paternal grandfather was Peter McLaren and his parents Duncan and Jean(Irvin) McLaren, all natives also of Perthshire, Scotland. The subject of this sketch received his education in the parish schools of his native land, and served a five year apprenticeship with the firm of Robert Main & Son in his native village. At the end of his apprenticeship period Mr. McLaren went to Glasgow and engaged with the firm of Stanhouse Brothers, with whom he remained nearly three years. In 1887 he met James Paton, of Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, and engaged with him, coming to the Island the same year and entering the employ of James Paton & Company, with whom he remained until 1894, when he became a member of the firm. Mr. McLaren had become advertising manager for the firm and also their buyer, which necessitated his making many trips to Europe. In the special line of advertising Mr. McLaren has taken an especial interest and it is safe to say that no man on the Island can equal him along the line of originality, completeness and efficiency in his advertisements. That his "ads" are something above the ordinary is evidenced in the fact that "Printer's Ink" and several other leading advertising journals have reproduced them with flattering comment. Mr. McLaren takes an active part in the management of the extensive business and much of the success is due to his indefatigable efforts and sound business judgement. Mr. McLaren is a member of the Caledonia Club, which he has served as c hief and is also a member of the Masonic Order. On March 28, 1890, Mr. McLaren was united in marriage to Miss Marion Jamison, who was also born in Doune, Perthshire, Scotland, a daughter of Thomas Jamison, of that place. To them have been born three children, Irvin, John and Helen."
19. W.A. MacLaren
20. James A. MacLaren
21. Robert D. MacLaren
Earlier than Bob's grandfather w/same name. All three are inthe LDS record #1487747, buried in the People's Cemetery on St Peters Rd 33-12in Charlottetown.

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